ELITE, the rectangular pool


3,0 x 6,0 m
4,0 x 8,0 m
5,0 x 10,0 m
6,0 x 12,0 m
7,0 x 14,0 m

3,5 x 7,0 m
4,5 x 9,0 m
5,5 x 11,0 m
6,5 x 13,0 m
7,5 x 15,0 m
Design your pool to the nearest centimetre!
A choice of dimensions, a choice of staircases…
Ultra-fine Zéoclar filtration®
Filtréol® the green filtration system: collects the washing and rinsing water (optional)
100% solid concrete staircase (option)

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SPORTING, the swim corridor

Sports enthusiasts and swimmers, keep in shape with the SPORTING swimming pool


SPACIUM, the pool-spa

SPACIUM, ideal for small spaces, adopting the characteristics of a spa. Home health spa, all year round…


NANO, the small pool

Square or rectangular, the NANO pool is ideal for a small town or suburban garden, where you wouldn’t think it could fit!


MANOIR, the swimming pool design

Traditional pool… A long straight pool, its quadrant staircase is an allusion to history and opens out cleverly onto the garden


EPURE, the square swimming pool

EPURE, a pool of great sobriety for fans of the contemporary style


DUGANCE, with triangular staircase

The pool signed DUGAIN, with its original triangular staircase