The liner is a key component of your pool. It makes the entire structure waterproof. For irreproachable and long-lasting impermeability, PISCINES DUGAIN has opted to manufacture your liner when your pool has been cast in concrete.

sand-coloured liner
sand-coloured liner
blue liner
blue liner
green carthage liner
green carthage liner

So, unlike most swimming pools on the market, the impermeability of your pool is guaranteed with a made-to-measure liner, to the exact dimensions of your pool and its bottom, to the nearest centimetre. Therefore the PISCINES DUGAIN liner is stronger and not subjected to any excess tautness. It will therefore last much longer, more often than not up to 20 years.

Your liner is made of PVC, a flexible material that will mould the shapes of your pool, sidewalls and bottom. It is 75/100 thick, ensuring excellent robustness. Your PISCINES DUGAIN liner is guaranteed for 10 years.

For heavy usage (hotels, campsites, clubs, etc.), PISCINES DUGAIN recommends a thicker liner, a reinforced membrane 150/100 thick. This solution may also be suggested for renovating an existing pool.

The colour of the water depends on that of your liner. PISCINES DUGAIN offers plain, patterned and decorative frieze liners. There is a vast choice.

Plain liners

Light blue
Dark blue

Decorative friezes

Your pool can be finished off with a decorative frieze to match your liner. A choice of colours and patterns:

Mykonos blue
Carthage blue
Olympia green
Mykonos green
Carthage green