PISCINES DUGAIN: a technical, family … and experienced company!

Sound social values

In this era of disposables, PISCINES DUGAIN has opted for quality and longevity: technical prowess, innovation and solidity. PISCINES DUGAIN takes pride in offering a 20-year guarantee on its construction!

Patended concept, self-bracing warranty 20 years 100% solid concrete, made in france


PISCINES DUGAIN is a French family-run SME formed in 1986, with more than 25 years’ experience. Our technology is implemented from day to day by PISCINES DUGAIN’s own agencies (in Troyes, Sens and Auxerre), as well as by dealers exclusive to the brand throughout France and abroad (Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, etc.).

An expanding network

Our dealership network is constantly expanding and being joined by a number of professionals: swimming pool specialists, landscaping contractors, building contractors…

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6 good reasons to choose PISCINES DUGAIN

[column xs=”12″ sm=”12″ md=”4″ lg=”4″][panel footer=”(1) Thanks to its innovative concept, the depth of the flat bottom can range from 1.25 to 1.55 metres.”] Thanks to its innovative concept[/panel][/column]
[column xs=”12″ sm=”12″ md=”4″ lg=”4″][panel footer=”(2) Freedom in the dimensions of pools, thanks to great modularity; any dimensions are possible to the nearest 30 cm. Freedom in the forms. The design choice of the staircases.“] Freedom in the dimensions[/panel][/column]
[column xs=”12″ sm=”12″ md=”4″ lg=”4″][panel footer=”(3) Minimum excavation work,no braces.”] Minimum excavation work
[column xs=”12″ sm=”12″ md=”4″ lg=”4″][panel footer=”(4) The pool and staircase are covered by the same waterproof liner, made in one piece and therefore in one colour. The choice of liner colour.“] The pool and staircase are covered by the same waterproof liner[/panel][/column]
[column xs=”12″ sm=”12″ md=”4″ lg=”4″][panel footer=”(5) Maximum heat insulation thanks to a 100% solid concrete technology and internal/external absorptive formwork in PVC, the same PVC that is used in the construction industry for doors and windows.”] Maximum heat insulation
[column xs=”12″ sm=”12″ md=”4″ lg=”4″][panel footer=”(6) Filtréol® : green filtration® An ecological system collecting the pool filter washing and rinsing water.”]

PISCINES DUGAIN, a patented technology

A french technology

This concept has been patented, conceived and perfected by PISCINES DUGAIN, and is manufactured industrially in France. A unique pool construction technology, absorptive formwork, exclusively distributed by PISCINES DUGAIN network professionals. Several thousands of pools already built since 1986, without any problems since.


Thanks to its totally innovative design, panels assembled by vertical sliding with integrated dovetailing, the panels forming the DUGAIN pool are self-stiffening. The panels are made of industrial regenerated and extruded PVC, in one piece without seams, bolts or clips. This special material is insensitive to ultraviolet (UV) – moon and sun, and to external aggression (water, acid soil, etc.).

The choice of concrete

Thanks to its panels reinforced by a honeycomb structure without cavities or empty spacers, PISCINES DUGAIN builds the structure, pool and stairs in 100% solid concrete, without any breaks or holidays. The staircase is totally interlinked with the pool, without discontinuity or breach in the concrete, forming a single structure. The coping sits directly on a reinforced concrete base, without any overhang.

Durable impermeability

For irreproachable impermeability, PISCINES DUGAIN has opted for a liner “made to measure” to the nearest centimetre to fit your pool. Therefore the PISCINES DUGAIN liner is stronger and not subjected to any excess tautness. It will last much longer, up to 20 years.

PISCINES DUGAIN, construction step by step

1. Excavation

2. Project footing

3. Alignment of the structures


4. Reinforcement



5. Ready for concrete

6. Concreting



7. Fitting the felt


8. Laying the liner

9. Filling the pool