Water treatment

Water treatment of your pool

PISCINES DUGAIN has already built several thousand swimming pools in France and abroad. This expertise means it can now proffer sound advice in choosing the best water treatment system for your pool:

Water treatment
Water treatment
Water treatment

  • Pool water treatment, manually with chlorine tablets
    PISCINES DUGAIN has had two multi-component products developed that can replace chlorine: DUGACTION and DUGASOFT enriched with active oxygen. Pre-proportioned and easy to use (even by novices), they do away with tedious and repeated water analysis.
  • Pool water treatment with an automatic chlorine tablet dispenser
  • Automatic pool water treatment with a salt chlorinatorWhen the pool water is circulating to be filtered, it flows through the sterilization chamber containing the chlorinator unit. The salt in your pool triggers an electrolytic process that produces chlorine gas from the salt. Hence the importance of having pure salt, perfectly measured out and balanced. The automatic treatment of water with a salt chlorinator is an effective solution that performs well with slightly salted and chlorinated water.
    Your water will be salty and all the more corrosive as your pH is variable or offset. We strongly recommend installing a Cl/pH regulator.
    DUGASALT chlorinators are systematically mounted with polarity reversal (anti-limestone deposit process). Remember to wear protective clothing if there are immersed metal parts (ladders, safety curtain cover rod, etc.)
  • Automatic pool water treatment with UV sterilization, often used to treat drinking water.
    UV treatment is “gentler”, non-corrosive, and guaranteed to be chlorine-free. More environmentally friendly and lighter, your water will also be softer and more comfortable, will not sting the eyes and will not have any side effects on your skin or hair.
    PISCINES DUGAIN recommends UV treatment.

PISCINES DUGAIN can also advise you on automatic and semi-automatic regulation devices: chlorine, pH, active oxygen,…
To advise you effectively, PISCINES DUGAIN keeps itself regularly informed of technological advances and constantly tests new pool water treatment devices.