Refurbishment of swimming pools

In addition to building new swimming pools, PISCINES DUGAIN also carries out renovations of concrete swimming pools.

1. Renovation or change of the liner, the waterproofing of the swimming pool

The liner is a very common coating used to ensure the waterproofing of a swimming pool. With a thickness of 75/100 mm, the liner must be changed when it is wrinkled, sticks and loses flexibility. PISCINES DUGAIN changes it for a new liner, covered by a 10 year warranty. The opportunity may be to take advantage of it to change the color of your liner!
In some cases, if your pool has heavy use, PISCINES DUGAON can advise you to replace it with a reinforced membrane, much more resistant.
It is necessary to regularly check the variations of the water level of the pool to ensure that there are no leaks in various places (liner, filter, pump, skimmers, discharge nozzles …)

2. Changing the swimming pool’s sealing parts (skimmers, floodlight, discharge nozzles, bottom outlet …)

These are delicate operations because the parts to be sealed by the pool are embedded in the concrete. The panels of the PISCINES DUGAIN structure make it easier to change the parts to be sealed.

3. Renovation of the filtration system of the swimming pool (filter, pump, water treatment …)

After a few years of operation, it is a few times more interesting financially and qualitatively to completely renovate the filtration system, rather than repair. PISCINES DUGAIN gives you the benefit of the latest filtration techniques: more economical, greener, finer and more automated!

4. Renovation of the pool for a more beautiful, more comfortable and more equipped pool

PISCINES DUGAIN will advise you efficiently …
Change the appearance of the pool, opt for a larger pool, add a beach, change the curbstones or pavement …
For fitness enthusiasts, equip the swimming pool with a swimming against the current or a balneotherapy staircase …
For evenings with family and friends around the pool, get white or color LED spotlights!

5. Installation of a safety device for the swimming pool complying with the French regulations, not to mention heating

For greater safety, PISCINES DUGAIN can allow your pool to receive an automatic submerged or above ground shutter, or a shelter.
For more savings … the renovation of the swimming pool can be accompanied by the installation of a heating system, such as the heat pump!