To illuminate your pool and its surroundings, PISCINES DUGAIN has opted for green low-energy technology… LED lighting. This technology, now found everywhere, offers unquestionable advantages:

  • economical: they last 50 to 100 times longer than traditional bulbs
  • efficient: an 80% energy-saving thanks to better efficiency
  • aesthetic: your pool takes on colours to create a veritable festival of light: red, blue, green, orange…

PISCINE DUGAIN gives you the choice…

DIAMOND: the PISCINES DUGAIN led lighting solution, intense white

  • DIAMOND 6: 6 LED lighting, luminous intensity of 1,500 lumens, 27 W
  • DIAMOND 12: 12 LED lighting, luminous intensity of 3.000 lumens, 48 W

eclairage diamondeclairage piscines dugain

RAINBOW: the PISCINES DUGAIN full colour lighting solution

  • RAINBOW 6: 6 LED lighting: luminous intensity of 800 lumens, 15 W
  • RAINBOW 12: 12 LED lighting: luminous intensity of 1,600 lumens, 34 W
rainbow bleu
rainbow fushia
rainbow vert

For your “blue happiness” to also be a veritable enchantment, RAINBOW, PISCINE DUGAIN’s colour LED lighting solution, gives you 10 colours and 5 automatic colour variation programs! This is operated by a remote control for up to 4 projectors. The synchronization is perfect: scrolling colours, pause on colours… You will surprise many a friend!

PISCINES DUGAIN’s DIAMOND and RAINBOW pool lighting systems can be used with existing projectors without modification.

PISCINES DUGAIN’s ELITE and SPORTING pools are equipped as standard with powerful the immersed DIAMOND 12 projector with white LEDs (3,000 lumens) for night-time swimming.