Heat pump

The heat pump is currently the most efficient, cheapest and easiest way of heating one’s pool. Through a reliable and simple thermodynamic process, the heat pump captures the heat in the air and transfers it to the water in the pool. The water temperature can rise to as much as 28/30°C.

PISCINES DUGAIN has selected heat pumps recognized for their excellent coefficients of performance (COP), from 4 to 5 depending on the model. This means that for 1 kW of electricity consumed, your heat pump will generate 4 to 5 kW of heat into the water of your pool..

PISCINES DUGAIN offers you a range of heat pumps specially designed for heating pools, which depending on the model can deliver from 6 to 60 kW. The power requirement depends on the volume of water in your pool and on usage (family, campsite or hotel). The PISCINES DUGAIN heat pumps are compliant with CE standards and are certified by CETIAT (technical centre for the aeraulics and thermal industries) in Villeurbanne.

The choice of a heat pump is no accident… one also needs to consider various criteria such as: exposure, wind, the region, the climate, the intended use, the type of cover… of your pool. Each PISCINES DUGAIN heat pump is unique and proportioned on a case-by-case basis with special software.

PISCINES DUGAIN’s heat pumps come with a warranty of up to 4 years.

Heating exchanger
Heating exchanger
Heating PAC
Heating PAC
Heating heater
Heating heater

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Heat exchanges

These devices can be connected to your heating installation (gas or fuel oil) to heat your pool water. Your central heating must be scaled accordingly.

Electric preheater

The electric pool preheater is easy to install. It takes up very little space in your equipment room. It heats up the pool water downstream of the filter. A thermostat controls the temperature.

Alternative energies

Nowadays one has to consider the cost of fossil energy (gas and fuel oil). PISCINES DUGAIN can advise you and explore an alternative energy solution: solar, geothermics…