Your pool filtration system includes 2 key components: the filtration pump and its filter.

Unrivalled filtration pumps

PISCINES DUGAIN will suggest the model best suited to the volume of water in your pool, from 0.5 to 3 horsepower. These pumps are specifically designed for swimming pools treated even with salt or seawater.

We have selected pumps designed, maintained and stored in France to offer you the highest standards of service. Our models are maintained over the long term.

PISCINES DUGAIN has chosen its filtration pumps carefully; they are particularly hard-wearing in corrosive conditions: humidity, water, heat, salt …


  • Centrifugal stainless steel composite pump
  • removable primary filter
  • balanced rotating shaft in 316 L stainless steel
  • silent
  • self-priming
  • compact
  • P2 corrosion-proof capacitor
  • IP 55 electrical safety rating
  • 100% 304 L stainless steel screws and bolts

The filter: sable or Zéoclar ?

The quality of your pool water depends directly on the quality of your pump filter. The filter collects all the dirt suspended in the water, guaranteeing you clean and clear water.

PISCINES DUGAIN has opted for the very traditional sand filter, which has proved its worth for decades in swimming pools all over the world. Made with silica, the sand filter filters particles measuring 5 µm (microns).

Always striving for performance, PISCINES DUGAIN can replace the sand with Zéoclar, an even more efficient solution filtering particles measuring 3 µm. Zéoclar, a material made from volcanic rock, has the distinctive feature of filtering ammonium, reducing consumption of chlorine and has a service life of 5 to 7 years! So opt for the Zéoclar™ filter.

Your filter is fitted with a multichannel valve offering a number of functions: pool water filtration, filter washing, filter rinsing, total or partial emptying, direct flow… Thanks to the Filtréol® system, all this water can be collected and reused!

Filtréol®: green filtration®

Anxious to preserve natural resources, PISCINES DUGAIN offers you the Filtréol® system. Made in France, Filtréol® is a device that dechlorinates (1) your filter’s washing and rinsing water then stores it (2) in a tank. You thus actively help protect the environment: the collected water is available to water (3) your garden, wash your cars and terraces… Filtréol® by PISCINES DUGAIN is easily fitted to your pool filter. All the water is thus saved.