Bubble type pool covers

Faithful to its exacting quality standards, PISCINES DUGAIN has selected very thick bubble pool covers: from 400 µm to 510 µm depending on the model. Stronger, with better insulation or heating better, they will last longer. The edges are reinforced.

PISCINES DUGAIN recommends in particular its silver or gold bubble covers, which protect (against dirt), insulate (maintain the water temperature) and heat your pool’s water (gaining up to 6 degrees) outside bathing periods.

Pool bubble covers are in no way safety covers.

Folding cover
Folding cover
Bubble cover
Bubble cover
Couverture enrouleur télescopique
Telescopic retractor

Rollers for bubble pool covers

Excellence according to PISCINES DUGAIN… Made of aluminium and stainless steel, removable, mounted on caster wheels, with a flywheel and shaft locking brake, fastening grooves, elastics…

Very practical on a day-to-day basis, your bubble cover roller lets you tidy up, cover and uncover your pool with just a few turns of the wheel without creasing or bending your cover. Your cover will thus last longer.

Winter pool covers

Before winter arrives, in the cold season, PISCINES DUGAIN recommends that you winter your pool.

With or without a ventilation net, winter pool covers protect the entire pool against the cold, frost, leaves and dirt… The filtration and lighting equipment and embedded parts… and thus under cover.

Besides the winter cover, it is also very important to secure your pool, for instance with a slatted cover (standard NF P 90 308) or an automatic pool safety cover (standard NF P 90 308).