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pool specialists, landscaping contractors, construction professionals…
…join the piscines dugain network!

We are seeking to extend our network in France, Benelux and Switzerland.
If you are interested, we will come and meet you:

PISCINES DUGAIN has opted for proximity, quality and innovation for nearly 30 years: the structure is guaranteed 20 years! Thanks to its panels reinforced with a honeycomb structure, without any cavities, PISCINES DUGAIN builds its structures (pool and staircase) in 100% solid concrete. The staircase is totally interlinked with the pool, without discontinuity or breach in the concrete, forming a single structure.

PISCINES DUGAIN can satisfy a wide range of consumers’ desires:

  • SPORTING, long and straight, 12, 15, 25 m…, a veritable swimming lane,
  • NANO & SPACIUM, small pools that can be equipped with a powerful counter-current swimming system, letting you swim lengths without ever making a U-turn,
  • ÉPURE, a perfect square for a clean design,
  • ÉLITE, for its creative freedom and for the quality of its filtration,
  • DUGANCE, a design that stands out with its triangular staircase,
  • MANOIR, ideal for characterful country residences…

… so join the PISCINES DUGAIN team!

8 good reasons to opt for excellence

A 100% solid concrete concept,
the patented structure is guaranteed 20 years

ua family-run and informal company
a family-run
and informal company
training organized all year round
training organized
all year round
an annual seminar at the beginning of the season
an annual seminar
at the beginning of the season
sales support toolsquantity and quality
sales support tools
quantity and quality
des outils d'aide à la vente en quantité et en qualité
des outils d’aide à la vente
en quantité et en qualité
qualified contacts via internet
qualified contacts
via internet
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your personalized
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powerful communication advertising, sponsoring, press relations
powerful communication
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The piscines dugain network

PISCINES DUGAIN is a French family-run SME formed in 1986, with more than 25 years’ experience. Our technology is implemented from day to day by PISCINES DUGAIN’s own agencies (in Troyes, Sens and Auxerre), as well as by dealers exclusive to the brand throughout France and abroad (Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, etc.). Several thousand pools have already been constructed since 1986. Our dealership network is expanding and being joined by a number of professionals: swimming pool specialists, landscaping contractors, building contractors, chimney installers…
We are still looking for professionals in certain available geographical areas. The PISCINES DUGAIN concept consists of straight and curved corner panels and posts. They are easy to assemble to make rectangular or more original and imaginative swimming pools. The distinguishing mark of PISCINES DUGAIN, which for that matter is the pride of the brand: panels assembled by vertical sliding with integrated dovetailing. The construction of a DUGAIN pool stands out through its simplicity and reliability. This concept is perfectly suited to assisted sales of pools in kit form: if your customers are DIY and building enthusiasts, they can even build their pool themselves, with your assistance and advice.

A unique process conceived and made in France

In this era of disposables, PISCINES DUGAIN has opted for quality and longevity: technical prowess, innovation and solidity. PISCINES DUGAIN takes pride in offering a 20-year guarantee on its construction! This patented concept, conceived and finalized by PISCINES DUGAIN, is made industrially in France. A unique pool construction technology, absorptive formwork, exclusively distributed by PISCINES DUGAIN network professionals. Thanks to its innovative design, the twin inverted dovetail, the panels forming the pool are self-stiffening. The panels are made of virgin extruded PVC, in one piece without seams, bolts or clips. This special material is insensitive to ultraviolet (UV) and to external aggression (water, acid soil, etc.).